ULEZ Expansion: Motorcyclist to protest against charge

With plans to ride together on the M25 motorway this Sunday, August 20, the riders will gather at six locations on the outskirts of London before heading towards Surrey’s Box Hill. 

It comes as the group are opposing Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansions which will cover all of London from Tuesday, August 29. 

The ULEZ means that all non-compliant vehicles that enter the zone are required to pay a £12.50 daily fee or face a fine.

Motorcyclists to protest against ULEZ expansion

Discussing the protest with PA news agency, protest organiser Phil Elliott, 59 described the ULEZ as a “complete and utter cash grab”.

He told the PA news agency: “There’s been various protests around London. Being a bike rider myself I thought I’d throw myself in there and do one.

“It’s people like us who stand at protests in the rain in Trafalgar Square, shouting and hollering, that have made politicians react.

“You need to have pressure on those in power to get policy change.”

The ULEZ has been under mass debate since it was first announced at the end of 2022.

Last month saw Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urge Mr Khan to “think twice” about ULEZ expansion.

Mr Khan has previously admitted his decision to expand the ULEZ was “very difficult” but insisted it would “see five million more Londoners being able to breathe cleaner air”.

Discussing how many motorcyclists will be part of the protest, Mr Elliot said: “Motorbikes are part of the solution, not the problem.

“Two wheels, an engine and the ability to move easily around should be promoted not penalised.

“For many, motorbikes are a passion, a lifestyle or a necessity that have been proven to reduce congestion and pollution.”

Alan Miller, co-founder of the libertarian campaign group Together, which is supporting the protest, said: “The motorbike is synonymous with freedom and fun.

“From the Triumph to the Norton, as well as Vespas, the United Kingdom has had a love affair with motorcycles since the late 19th century.

“Hugely popular and part of our culture and way of life, they are also now coming under attack by Sadiq Khan’s unnecessary, undemocratic, unjustified and unfair Ulez imposition.”

Courtesy of Harrow Times | Local News