Headstone Manor and Museum

Headstone Manor and Museum in Harrow

Travel back in time through Harrow’s history and discover the amazing stories of it’s people, from the Harrow we know today to its earliest prehistory. Meeting Roman Potters, Medieval Archbishops and Victorian Commuters as well as lots of different Farmers along the way!
After several years of HLF restoration work you can now explore the Small Barn; discovering what Harrow was like before the Headstone Manor we know today was built in 1310. Your journey in to Harrow’s history continues in the Manor House.
The Grade 1 listed Manor House now tells the many tales of the people who once lived there, as well as the history of the whole Harrow area. As you travel through the house, from the most recently built parts to the oldest, you will travel back in time, ending up in the early medieval house which still stands an astonishing part of Harrow’s early history.
For those who are more interested in the architecture of this fascinating site, the complex Manor House has been carefully restored to show the many changes which have taken place over the centuries. As well as the discoveries made during the restoration works themselves.

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