London weather: Met Office predicts last heatwave of 2023

It comes as weather forecasters share that the last heatwave of 2023 is just days away. 

Both the Met Office and BBC Weather predict that temperatures will reach nearly 30C. 

You can check the full weather forecast now via the Met Office website

London’s final heatwave of 2023 is just days away

The Met Office predicts that from Monday, September 4 temperatures will begin to heat up with sunny skies and highs of 26C. 

With very little rain on the horizon, temperatures are expected to continue to rise with the later part of the week rising to 28C and even 29C.

Across the week, the weather is set to be very clear and sunny with little to no clouds and dry conditions with a less than 5% chance of precipitation. 

As a Met Office spokesperson shares: “Many areas will see large amounts of sunshine, although it will be on the breezy side, especially in the south and west.

“With time, the high pressure over the country is likely to drift a little further eastwards, though it is most likely to remain dry for many.”

Day-by-day London weather forecast

  • Monday, September 4 – 26C, 5% chance of precipitation, wind 7mph
  • Tuesday, September 5 – 26C, 5% chance of precipitation, wind 11mph
  • Wednesday, September 6 – 28C, 5% chance of precipitation, wind 6mph
  • Thursday, September 7 – 28C, 5% chance of precipitation, wind 6mph
  • Friday, September 8 – 26C, 10% chance of precipitation, wind 7mph

See the full weather forecast via the Met Office. 

Courtesy of Harrow Times | Local News