London weather: Heavy rain expected for King’s Coronation weekend

The Met Office predicts that London can expect heavy downpours of rain throughout the weekend and especially on the day of the coronation (Saturday, May 6).

Across London on Friday, May 5 you can expect rain and cloudy skies from 9am until later in the day with midday seeing dark clouds, rain and lighting for a period of time. 

Meanwhile, Saturday, May 6 will start bright and dry, before moving to rainy clouds, although temperatures will stay warm with an average of 15C. 

Sunday, May 7 will continue the rain pattern, as the day starts off with dark clouds before moving into bright and rainy showers, but temperatures will reach 19C.

Bank Holiday Monday, May 8 will be warm with highs of 17C but it won’t be sunny with dark clouds, however, you can only expect rain in the late afternoon. 

London hour-by-hour weather forecast: Kings coronation weekend 

Saturday (May 6)

  • 7am – 11C – Cloudy
  • 10am – 14C- Cloudy
  • 1pm – 15C- Light rain and dark clouds 
  • 4pm – 16C – Light rain and dark clouds 
  • 7pm – 15C – Light rain and sunny clouds 
  • 10pm – 14C – Light rain showers

Sunday (May 7)

  • 7am – 13C – Cloudy
  • 10am – 15C- Cloudy
  • 1pm – 17C- Sunny clouds and light showers 
  • 4pm – 19C – Cloudy
  • 7pm – 18C – Sunny clouds and light showers 
  • 10pm – 18C- Cloudy

Monday (May 8)

  • 7am – 12C – Rain and dark clouds 
  • 10am – 14C – Cloudy
  • 1pm – 16C – Cloudy
  • 4pm- 17C – Rain and dark clouds 
  • 7pm – 17C – Rain and dark clouds 
  • 10pm – 15C – Cloudy

Weather over past Coronations

Data from the Met Office archive shows that past coronations back to Edward VII have been mixed when it comes to the weather.

The Coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II saw temperature highs of just 11.8°C on June 2, 1953, with some light rain through the day.

The Coronation of HM King George V was the warmest of the last four Monarch’s Coronations, with daytime highs of 17°C on June 22, 1911.

Courtesy of Harrow Times | Local News