Sadiq Khan ‘increasingly alarmed’ at spread of COVID-19 as London is at ‘tipping point’

Speaking to LBC, Mr Khan said: “I’m increasingly alarmed that the spread of coronavirus in our city, and I’m warning fellow Londoners that further restrictions are highly likely.

“We are at a very serious tipping point. The virus is accelerating in every part of London.

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“My prediction is there will be more restrictions being brought in because we don’t want to see in October and November what we saw in March and April.

“The spread of the virus is accelerating in every part of London and what I don’t want is people living in one borough being complacent…if it’s not as prevalent in their borough.”

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Speaking about the possible three-tier system he has been discussing with Heath Secretary Matt Hancock Mr Khan said: “You’ve got three buckets, level one the least restrictions, level one the most – similar to lockdown-type measures.

“What’s clear to me is that it’s inevitable there will be additional restrictions in London.

“What we are discussing as ‘One London’ is what we think the right level should be and work with government to make sure we have the right level there.”

London residents could face a ban on households mixing if it moves from a level one to a level two, this would mean that the rule of six would no longer apply.

The Mayor said that this would depend on meetings next week as part of an ‘escalation process’.

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