People seen ‘going into front gardens and shining torches’ in North Harrow

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Headstone police have posted a letter to residents asking for any footage of information about suspect activity along Canterbury Road. 

The letter says that two people were going into front gardens and shining torches along the road last Monday evening.

The letter says: “It has been reported that on Monday 21st September 2020 at approx 00:45 to 1:00am two people were going along Canterbury Road HA1 and into front gardens shining torches.

“Do you have CCTV footage showing this? Do you know who it was?

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Canterbury Road is located just a little further up from the Esso Petrol Station, Station Road, North Harrow. (Credit: Google Maps)

“If you do, we would be grateful if you could get in touch with your local police team on the email address below to assist us with our enquiries.”

The email address to contact is

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