Officers charged after pictures of Fryent Park murdered sisters

Two police officers have been charged with misconduct after they took photographs of the bodies of two murdered sisters.

Sisters Nicole Smallman, 27, and Bibba Henry, 46, who lived in Harrow and Brent respectively, were found dead at Fryent Country Park on June 7 last year.

While a crime scene was in place, the MPS’s Directorate of Professional Standards was informed ten days later that two officers were involved in taking a picture with the bodies of the sister, which was shared in a closed Whatsapp group.

PC Deniz Jaffer, aged 47, and PC Jamie Lewis, aged 32, will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on May 27 for their first hearing.

Both officers have each been charged with one count of misconduct in public office.

The charges were authorised following a review of evidence from the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Harrow Times: Police at the crime scene (Photo: SWNS)Police at the crime scene (Photo: SWNS)

The two officers were arrested on June 22 last year by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (OPC) on suspicion of misconduct in a public office.

Social worker Ms Henry, was celebrating her birthday at the park in Wembley with her friends and sister Ms Smallman.

People gradually left throughout the evening and by around 12.30am only the sisters remained. Officers believe they were murdered within the next couple of hours.

Harrow Times: Flowers placed outside Fryent Park (Photo: SWNS)Flowers placed outside Fryent Park (Photo: SWNS)

Their bodies were found in the park the next day.

Danyal Hussein, aged 18, Blackheath, was previously charged with two counts of murder and possession of an offensive weapon, and faces trial later this year.

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