‘Mattress mountain’ blights High Street, Wealdstone

A London town blighted by fly-tipping has become home to an eyesore known as “mattress mountain”.

Members of a Harrow Neighbourhood Watch group were shocked to find heaps of rubbish dumped along High Street in Wealdstone.

Footage captured by the group’s admin, Simon Joshua, showed dozens of black bags spilling out of Harrow Council bins with many more piled up beside them. 

He said the site had also become a target for people dumping mattresses, dubbing it “mattress mountain”.

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Mr Joshua said: “This spot has always been an issue because there simply aren’t enough bins. People see there’s rubbish there so they dump their own – what’s an extra couple of bags on top of 50?

“The stench is absolutely awful, it made me feel a bit sick. It looks like a slum and it makes me sad because everyone coming out of Harrow and Wealdstone station will see that.

“We’ve tried to put planters in the area and take some pride in it. But you think ‘what’s the point?’ when you see things like that.”

Mr Joshua said he did not want to be seen as “council bashing” as he appreciates the complexities around responsibilities and how collection can become an issue when things reach such a state.

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He suggested the area could be properly fenced off – something he believes “wouldn’t be horrendously expensive” – with bin access limited to residents living in the flats next door. 

The council has designated Wealdstone as an area for investment, with improvement works currently ongoing along the high street. 

Harrow Council has been contacted for comment.

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