Insulate Britain protesters now walking into traffic on M25

Insulate Britain activists have switched up their protest tactics by walking towards oncoming traffic on the M25.

The group said the decision to stop sitting in the middle of roads to block vehicles had been made following “feedback” that many drivers were frustrated by their actions.

On Friday morning demonstrators briefly entered the carriageway near Junction 28 and 29 of the motorway, intending to walk down the white lines marking traffic lanes.

But Essex Police responded quickly to the incident and the activists were removed from the road.

The new tactics have been deployed for the group’s 17th day of action, the last of which saw protesters have ink thrown in their faces by angry motorists.

Harrow Times: Handout photo issued by Insulate Britain of protesters blocking the A40 junction with Gypsy Lane in west London on October 28Handout photo issued by Insulate Britain of protesters blocking the A40 junction with Gypsy Lane in west London on October 28

A spokesperson for the group, who gave his name as Biff, said safety was “paramount” and the protests would not have proceeded if cars did not slow down sufficiently.

“The intention is to enter the carriageway and walk towards the oncoming traffic along the white lines,” he told the PA news agency prior to the protest.

“If cars don’t slow down and are hurtling along at full speed then we will be on the hard shoulder wearing our hi-vis with the banners.

“We would hope that it slows down anyway.

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He added: “We’ve had feedback that people are frustrated that they spent time in traffic queues.

“This is like a rolling traffic queue, so we’ll move, and once they get to the front they will be able to move on.

“We’re not planning to stop traffic but it could slow down to five miles an hour.

Insulate Britain acknowledged it was knowingly breaching a High Court injunction that aims to prevent its disruptive activities.

Those who break the injunctions could be found in contempt of court and face a maximum penalty of two years in prison or an unlimited fine.

Activists have now blocked roads on 17 days since September 13, causing misery for drivers stuck in long queues of traffic.

Around 8.30am Essex Police tweeted: “We received a call at 8am that a number of people were blocking the road between Junction 28 and 29.

“Officers are already on scene and the southbound track has been reopened.”

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