Harrow Fireworks announce first ever ‘Stay at home display’

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Harrow Fireworks didn’t want anyone to miss out on celebrating Guy Fawkes Night or Diwali at home this year so we have created a brand new event -#HomeFireworksDisplay. 

Keeping in line with safety guidelines of course, and also with your own household, we want to turn this years Guy Fawkes Night and Diwali into the best social sharing event in London and potentially the rest of the UK –  if we can spread the word! 

There are two events, the first on November 5th at 8.30 pm for Guy Fawkes Night and November 14th for Diwali. We want everyone to let of their fireworks at the same time to really celebrate this new home, socially distanced event. 

So, let’s spice up our lives, with something different, something new and something spectacular in your own back gardens. We know many people every year, going to their public fireworks display events, unfortunately this year there wont be any public events.

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So how do you get involved? That’s simple, we want you to share your experience with us. We’re asking for your photos, videos, tweets, likes, comments and much more. All you have to do to get involved is send it all to us @HarrowFireworks on Facebook or Instagram or @HarrowOnline on Facebook or Instagram. 

We will make sure that your experience is shared with countless others that are celebrating with you, in their back gardens across the borough. 

Remember you can participate in the UK largest home fireworks display, not once but twice! – November 5th at 8.30 pm for Guy Fawkes Night and November 14th for Diwali.

For further information please visit www.harrowfireworks.co.uk/event.

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