Harrow Council urged to tackle massage services fly posting

A Harrow father has urged his council to tackle an increase in stickers offering ‘massages’ in the borough.

David Dorai-Raj wrote to Harrow Council about the “growing problem” of these adverts close to his home near the town centre.

The stickers are typically small white rectangles, with the word ‘massage’ and a telephone number written on them.

Mr Dorai-Raj said his six-year-old daughter had asked what they were, while he was “embarrassed” when his mother pointed them out during a recent visit.

In a letter sent to the council, he explained that during one five-minute trip back from Harrow-on-the-Hill Station he spotted 35 stickers on lampposts and utility boxes.

“Why isn’t the council calling these people up and fining them for every sticker that has been stuck up around the town centre?” he said.

“This seems like an easily solvable problem, but no one can be bothered doing anything about this.”

He said the issue was “bothering” him and his neighbours, who often take to the streets themselves to try and remove the stickers.

However, he noted that, as well as this not being a job for the public, it can often leave a mess on street furniture since they can be difficult to peel off.

A spokeswoman for Harrow Council said these are dealt with as much as possible by the regular street cleaning teams.

She urged anyone who spots them to report them to the council online to help address the problem.

According to its report page on fly posting, it can “respond to all fly posting on public land, within three weeks” and “if there is clear evidence of the perpetrator, we shall also take enforcement action against them”.

It adds this does not cover bus shelters, railway bridges or telephone booths and poles, with the relevant contact details for those responsible for these provided.

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