Harrow Council to increase parking permit costs from April

Motorists will have to pay more for residents parking permits in Harrow from April 1.

A notice from Harrow Council in this week’s edition of the Harrow Times outlines the full schedule of charges that will be taking effect.

The costs vary depending on the age of the vehicle, fuel type and the number of vehicles owned.

The permit cost will rise from £20 to £20.60 for a single electric vehicle to £99 from £96 for one diesel vehicle with CO2 emissions rated over 226g/km or an engine capacity of more than 2,450cc.

CO2 emissions are used where the vehicle is registered after March 1, 2001, while engine capacity helps determine cost for those vehicles registered before that date.

The cost of visitor permits will also be increasing from April 1, with ten vouchers rising from £20.30 to £20.90 in all zones.

The schedule also provides a comprehensive breakdown of the costs of both on-street and off-street parking permits for businesses, and on-street permits for traders, doctors and health care.

The cost of an annual business permit for a petrol vehicle will rise from £150 to £154.50 in a local centre, £225 to £232 in a district centre, £450 to £463.50 in a major centre, and £675 to £695.50 in a Metropolitan centre.

The cost is higher for diesel-powered vehicles.

The charge for off-street parking for business users varies depending on which car park is used.

For example, an annual permit for Queens House Car Park will rise from £940 to £1,000, while for Davy House Car Park or Greenhill Way Car Park it will go up from £1,248 to £1,400 from April 1.

Visit the public notices section of our website for a full list of all permit charges.

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