Harrow Council approves extra floor at Canons Park building

Harrow Council approves extra floor at Canons Park building

Harrow Council approved plans to build an extra floor at a property in Canons Park to provide eight new flats, despite concerns this would constitute an overdevelopment.

The planning committee unanimously agreed to grant permission for a scheme at Canons Park Close that will create eight new one-bed properties.

It came despite nine objections from those living in or close to the site, who expressed concerns around the design of the development, as well as the impact on light and increased noise in the area.

Those currently living in the building, which was granted permission for expansion earlier this year, are particularly concerned about the inconvenience caused by construction.

This includes those who rent rooms or other properties in the building, who said their tenants do not feel comfortable living there while work is carried out.

However, planning officers assured residents that developers would have to abide by a construction code of conduct to minimise disruption and nuisance.

They added the creation of a third floor will lead to uniformity across the whole building, while all other planning concerns have been addressed according to the council’s policies.

Cllr Marilyn Ashton, deputy leader of Harrow Conservatives, sympathised with residents but that it was difficult not to approve this scheme having granted permission to expand the building previously.

She said it was a “shame” the committee was in this position but that “it is what it is”.

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