Harrow Council approves details of Uxbridge Road golf course

Details of plans to build a dinosaur-themed golf course on green belt land were approved by Harrow Council, despite concerns around noise and road safety issues.

The council’s planning committee narrowly voted in favour of additional conditions attached to an application on the land in front of Bannister Sports Centre, in Uxbridge Road.

It had already granted permission for the 18-hole adventure course, which will feature dinosaur props up to seven metres high, back in September 2019.

But further details relating to issues such as trees, drainage and construction gave councillors and the public the chance to revisit any outstanding concerns.

Cllr Marilyn Ashton, the Harrow Conservatives’ spokesman on the planning committee, said there were serious concerns around road safety as a result of the design.

“What could happen if you’re driving down the road and, all of a sudden, a whacking great diplodocus is looking at you?” she said.

“It’s ridiculous to have dinosaurs on the green belt – this is not Jurassic Park; this is Bannister Playing Fields and we need to remember that.”

She backed up Harrow Weald ward councillor Stephen Greek, who suggested the props could prove a distraction for drivers.

He said they will “stick out like a sore thumb” and urged the developers to go “back to the drawing board” in terms of finalising their plans.

And objector Brian Stoker, who has consistently opposed plans for a golf course at this site, reiterated his belief that the whole project is a “nonsense development”.

He expressed concerns around the possibility for flooding – suggesting this has not been addressed adequately – and called for more detail around the props in terms of their material and design.

Harrow Council officers recommended the details put forward were approved by the committee.

In terms of the design of the props, the largest of the four dinosaurs, the brachiosaurus, will be around seven metres tall and 16 metres long.

They will be made of fibreglass, with some silicone skin areas to allow them to move.

Officers added they were satisfied with the noise report put forward, which covered the ‘roaring’ noises the figures will make.

Cllr Sachin Shah, who represents Queensbury ward, said he was happy to support the officers’ recommendations given that they are “experts” in this area.

He was supported by his three Labour colleagues on the committee, who outvoted the three Conservative members opposing the plans.

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