Dire consequences of little-used new cycle lanes

I WAS aghast to read, as I’m sure many others were, the front page headline in last week’s edition: “Ambulance goes wrong way in cycle lane chaos.” The new cycle lanes regularly blight the lives of motorists and residents alike as has been widely reported in this newspaper and the content of readers’ letters on the Opinion pages, over recent weeks.

Ambulances and fire engines are often in transit to deal with life-threatening situations. As such, they must be facilitated, not impeded in their journeys by little-used, ill-thought-out road structures, like cycle lanes along busy stretches of main roads, reducing their capacity by one or even two lanes.

I’ve regularly been on Cycle WATCH (Where Are The Cyclists in Harrow?) for users of these lanes as I necessarily drive slowly behind traffic, observing the new routes for their use. They’re rare indeed, with sightings by myself, and seemingly others, few and far between.

Please will the council think again about the design of these lanes and see the case reported on last week as a warning of the dire consequences of leaving them as they are now.

J D Milaric

Harrow Times | Local News