Cow detained by police after running loose in Harrow cemetery

Cow detained by police after running loose in Harrow cemetery
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The cow was in the cemetery during Tuesday afternoon (credit: MPS Harrow)

A cow was tracked down and detained by police in Harrow this week after reports circulated online that it had been spotted in Harrow Weald Cemetery, Clamp Hill.

A post in the Harrow Online Group on Tuesday (21 July) received over 280 likes and 94 comments about the incident. It is believed that the cow must have come over from Bentley Priory and gained access to the cemetery via the side entrance.


One person commented: “We were in the cemetery just after 12 noon, and there were no less than four police cars parked at the Clamp Hill entrance, and several police officers walking through the cemetery towards their cars. We assume something terrible had happened! We didn’t see the cow.”

Another person said: “This is the one! The police were calling the farmer to come and collect him when I left!”

Another person quipped: “2 weeks ago it was a schnauzer today a cow! At least neither found thier way into my house! I feel that’s an achievement!”

The cow had come over from Bentley Priory (credit: MPS Harrow)

MPS Harrow tweeted: “You may have seen us go pasture this morning, responding to udderly bizarre reports of a cow loose on Clamp Hill, Stanmore. Officers from #ETeam, having herd the call, tractor down to a nearby cemetery. She was not amooooosed when we eventually managed to detain her.”

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