Brent Council approves Wembley housing scheme at Euro House

Plans for almost 500 homes in blocks up to 21 storeys were approved by Brent Council, despite concerns around affordability and overshadowing.

The council’s planning committee voted to approve the development at Euro House, in Fulton Road, Wembley.

It will provide 493 new flats, alongside retail and industrial space, in four towers ranging from 11 to 21 storeys high.

Some councillors on the committee expressed concerns around the level of affordable housing in the scheme, with just 98 units (20 per cent) proposed.

Cllr Daniel Kennelly, who represents Preston ward, noted this was way below the council’s planning policy of 50 per cent.

“We should be getting a lot closer to that, within two or three per cent – we shouldn’t be accepting 20 per cent,” he said.

He, along with Dollis Hill ward councillor Liz Dixon, abstained in the vote on the application, while Conservative councillor Michael Maurice voted against the proposals.

Cllr Maurice also criticised the low levels of affordable housing and said he was not happy with the impact the development will have on neighbouring properties, particularly around overshadowing.

David Glover, planning manager at Brent Council, said: “It’s always a difficult journey.

“You trade off one thing against another – is a scheme too dense, is there enough affordable housing?

“It’s about trying to get that balance right and, when you look at the whole picture, what is the best outcome for Brent.”

The planning agent for the scheme, Richard Ward, explained that the level of affordable housing was the maximum the developer could put forward for it to remain viable.

He added the area is “suitable” for tall buildings, while there had been adjustments made to reduce their height following consultations with council officers.

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