Brent Council approves Wembley flats before consultation ends

Plans for more than 170 new flats in buildings up to 20 storeys were approved, despite the consultation period remaining open for an additional day.

Yesterday (September 9), Brent Council’s planning committee gave the green light to a scheme in Watkin Road, Wembley, that will provide 174 new homes across two tall buildings.

However, it could be brought back to the council if comments are made on the application – a “technical error” means the consultation ends today (September 10) – that could reasonably affect the outcome of committee’s decision.

Council officers explained they felt “comfortable” putting this scheme on the agenda due to a lengthy consultation period of around six months and following legal advice.

But objector David Freedman suggested “due process has not been followed” and that it should be deferred to a later meeting.

Cllr Michael Maurice, who represents Kenton ward, said a postponement could be beneficial if it meant the council avoided “having to defend itself” following an appeal to the High Court.

He and Cllr Elliot Chappell, of Willesden Green ward, proposed it be brought back at next month’s planning meeting, but they were outvoted by other members of the committee, which meant it was discussed at the time.

The scheme itself was supported by the majority of the committee, despite some concerns around the level of affordable housing and the impact it could have on views of the arch at Wembley Stadium.

Dollis Hill ward councillor Arshad Mahmood abstained on the basis he could not overlook the fact that just 50 units (29 per cent) were affordable.

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