August bank holiday weekend: Here’s 7 affordable family activities

The summer holidays are coming to an end but you might want to spend this bank holiday weekend doing the last few fun things with your kids.

OVO Energy has combined eight affordable and sustainable activities for all the family to enjoy. 

Pick berries

This activity is one that encourages children to get out the house, make healthier choices and reduces the food miles of your fruit if you visit a local fruit farm.

Go for a bike ride

Spend some time riding around your local area. You could even take a picnic and find a calm spot to have a bite to eat.

Have a water sponge fight not a water bomb fight

Sometimes a water fight is just what you need to cool you down in the summer. By switching balloons to sponges, you’ll be helping the environment. Balloons often end up in the ocean and animals mistake them for food.

OVO Energy recommends that you try cutting old sponges into pieces and tying them up with string for a different approach to the traditional water bomb fight.

Arts and crafts using unwanted household objects

If you’d like to spend a day inside why not hunt around your home for unwanted objects that can be used for arts and crafts? Perhaps you could make a pencil pot out of an old toilet roll or use an old cereal box for the base of a new board game.

Treasure hunt in the woods

Before going on a walk, create a list of things you’d like to find while out and about. See if your kids can spot a butterfly or a dandelion and they can tick it off their list as they go.

Have a go at growing your own greens

While planting your own fruit and vegetables is good for the environment, it’s another way to help encourage your children to make healthier choices. OVO advises using peat-free compost to further help the environment.

Turn plastic containers and bottles into bird feeders

Why not make use of your used plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and milk cartons by turning them into feeders for the birds that visit your garden? All you have to do is make some holes in your plastic containers, tie some string to it and choose a tree to hang it on. Your kids can spend time being crafty and then bird watch in their own garden.

You can find more information on OVO Energy’s website. (link)

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